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Buddy Lessons (5)

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We offer high quality semi-private workouts catered to each player's needs. We are experts in: 

  • Developing a consistent shooting stroke and all the foot work that comes with that.
  • Help players improve and learn moves off the catch or off the dribble.
  • Ball handling development.
  • Hand-eye coordination, quickness, speed and strength. 
  • Putting together programs for the player to use at home in between sessions.
  • Evaluating talent. Make plans on what to focus on.
  • Motivating and mentoring all players on and off the court. Time management. 


We are currently working with a lot of female and male athletes. We help:

  • Pro players
  • Collage players 
  • High school and middle school players
  • Elementary school players


Buddy lessons

2 players (you and a friend), 1 coach. These sessions will be designed with both players needs in mind. Players will improve their weaknesses and add to their strengths. Being two will also allow us to add some 1-1 situations. Video analyzes are included in a lot of sessions. 

These workouts will be a very effective and efficient way to focus on your specific needs. Upon request, individual workout plans will be developed by the instructor for additional training beyond the workout session. 

Workouts consist of shooting, passing, ball handling, defense, rebounding and agility training. Drills are made as game like as possible. To get the most out of each session, workouts will be designed to meet individual needs. If you would like us to emphasize a specific aspect of the game, please let us know.

Cost for 2 players: $80 per session/ length 60 minutes. 5 sessions = $350. 10 sessions = $600.